We provide information on maintenance and improvement of health.  According to Ayurveda every person is different from other and so are their requirements.  Our consultant determines your nature and gives a program including exercises, food and lifestyle beneficial for you. Also we help to understand the root cause of your problem and suggest a holistic approach towards it. 


Ayurvedic massage 

Massage is the oldest and most useful technique for relieving pains, revitalising tissues and correcting internal functions.

In Ayurveda the vital force ‘Prana’ is represented by Vata, which is motivating factor behind any movement or change in the body.  Vata is also responsible for all kind of pains. 

Ayurvedic massage is very useful in correcting the course of Vata.  It is often used to treat new and old injuries and painful conditions.


Main benefits of ayurvedic massage are :

ü      maintenance of health

ü      restoration of youth and vigour

ü      increases circulation of blood and lymph

ü      relaxes the muscles and the nervous system

ü      gives nutrition to the skin

ü      dissolves the fat of the body 




In this treatment herbal oil or medicated milk is continuously poured on forehead in a special method.  This therapy is very effective in calming the mind and has a soothing effect on nerves.




It is also known as medicated enema.   In vasti certain herbal oils and herbal infusion are inserted in rectum.  Rectum and large intestine are considered as main place of Vata.  Therefore Vasti is most effective cleaning therapy for the problems related to disorder of Vata.  


Herbal steam bath 

This is a very relaxing experience after an oil massage which envelops you neck to feet with soothing herbal steam.  It improves blood circulation which opens the pores in the skin and absorbs the medicinal properties of the herbal oils.  It eliminates impurities through sweating and relieves stiffness.  It also provides lightness to the body. 


Ayurvedic cure 

The pressure of modern life style is taking it’s toll on our body and mind.  The overstressed life we lead can cause imbalance of life force.  Health is a matter of continuous adjustments.  This cure gives opportunity to fine tune our body and mind to get maximum advantage from it.

We offer a unique cure which is a combination of an old Indian medicine system called Ayurveda and Japanese knowledge of body and mind. 

We use fresh ayurvedic herbs from Himalayas for cleaning and rejuvenating the system.  Different massages and therapies improve vitality and rediscover the forces working within.

Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation help to improve physical and mental health which creates harmony between body and mind.

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The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ which means union.  On physical level it helps to bring all inner forces to an optimal level which creates harmony between body and mind.

Yogasana’s are body postures which releases physical stress and tensions and increase the vital force. Different asanas work on different parts and organs of the  body.  They improve circulation, promote working and healing of that part and make the body flexible.

Pranayama is a breathing exercise that improves the lung capacity which results in a better breathing, a purification of our blood and a better condition of our body.

At Ananda center we give yoga lessons for beginners and advanced in a traditional and comfortable environment