This trip covers high altitude Himalayan desert of Laddakh  and  Spiti valley, which remains isolated 7 months of the year.  That makes life very difficult and as a result of it faith becomes centre of survival.  This area is dotted with Buddhist monasteries.  Some of them are more than a thousand years old.  Here you can see Tankhas (Buddhist paintings), religious ceremonies and a culture which is unique in the world.  We fly from Delhi to Leh which is capital of the province.  Here we stay in a comfortable hotel and visit surrounding villages and monasteries. 

Then we go for a 3 day tough jeep safari covering 750 kilometres and crossing some of the highest passes in the world.  Panoramic views are astonishing beautiful. 

We visit Tabo monastery which will be retiring place of the Dalai lama, spiritual leader of Tibet. 

Our next stop is Manali which is beautiful town surrounded by thick forest.  Here we will stay in a guest house in middle of an apple orchard.  This is a welcome treat after a long journey.  This place has most beautiful view, good kitchen and a sauna.  There are hot sulphur spring baths in the surroundings. 

Our last stop is Delhi, capital of India.  




We invite you to join this unique journey in the heart of mighty Himalayas.  This trip includes following the course of the Ganges, the holy river of India.

We start our journey  in Haridwar, where the Ganges enters into plains, leaving her home in the mountains. 

Next stop is Netala, which is a little village at 1650 M.  Here we do walks in the surrounding forest and villages to see Indian culture and feel the nature in it’s pure form. During the walks you can smell the forest and feel the silence occasionally broken by songs of birds .

Dharali is the last village of this valley at 2300 M.  Here we stay in tents on the bank of Ganges. Here you’ll  see  people are happy with minimum material they have which is quiet contrast to the life in the west. That will help to change the way we see  things and we go back as a new person.

Our next stop is Gangotri where the temple of Ganges is situated.  This place is surrounded by mighty peaks.  Some of them are more then 6000 M. high.

On our return journey we stay in a rafting camp and go for a half day rafting trip.

Our last stop is Rishikesh which has been a centre for yoga and spirituality for a long, long time.  We have possibility to visit ashrams, temples and do shopping for souvenirs, spices, cotton dresses and much more.

From here we go direct to airport which is a 6 hours drive.


Au Coeur de l’Himalaya

Randonnées aux sources du Gange

Du 30/03/13 au 13/04/13

30/03 : Voyage jusque Delhi
31/03 : Train ou Bus vers Hardiwar, visite de temples, Ashram. Fête du feu. Hôtel.

01/04: Bus (6h) de Haridwar à Netala (1600m) , petite ballade . Nuit Hôtel à Netala

02/04: Netala , ballade (3h) à la cascade (baignade ?) Possibilité pour les plus sportifs de continuer la balade jusqu’à petit temple(2h de plus) .Nuit à Netala.

03/04: Netala, Ballade sur l’autre rive du Gange à travers la forêt dense. Nuit Hôtel Netala.
04/04: Netala : ballade à travers le village vers le temple. Nuit à l
05/04: Bus vers Dharali (3u) – 2.600 m. Balade le long du Gange . Nuit dans Chalet. Dharali balade au village typique de Mukhawa . Nuit Chalet , Dharali

06/04: En bus vers Gangotri (1u)
Balade dans les environs – Visite du temple de Gangotri -
Nuit, chalet Dharali.

07/04: Trek jusqu’au « 7 lacs », nuit sous tente. Feu de Camps… 08/04: Retour vers Netala . Passage par sources chaudes Nuit à l’hotel,Netala.

09/04: Bus jusque Shivpuri (5u) . Nuit sous tente le long du Gange.Feu de Camps sur la plage.
10/04: Matin,rafting jusque Rishikesh. Visite Rishikesh. Le soir: Cérémonie du feu avec chants de mantras.

11/04: 1. Rishikesh Visite d’ashram et tour de la ville. Achats souvenirs. Nuit à l’hotel.
12/04: 1. Dernier matin à Rishikesh et retour vers Delhi avec train.

13/04: Vol de nuit vers Brussel.


- Logements : hôtels et tentes
- Transport : bus et “Jeep”,train
- P.A.F. : 1950,00 € (avion et visa, train, “jeep”, nourriture, hôtels, tentes, sherpas… )